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Video:How to Create a New Website With Dreamweaver

with Andrew Hyland

Creating a new website with Dreamweaver is simple and easy, in this video, learn how to create your own Dreamweaver page step-by-step.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a New Website With Dreamweaver

Hi, this is Andrew Hyland for, and this is How to Create a New Website with Dreamweaver. 

Bypass Dream Weaver Welcome Screen

When you first open up Dreamweaver, you will be prompted with a welcome screen. So now we are going to skip this welcome screen and go straight to the site menu at the top and then go down to new site. Here is where you can set up a new site.

This is where you will be able to save your website that you are creating locally or on a server so that you can access it quickly and update and change it with a click of a button. 

Name Your New Dreamweaver Site

You want to go ahead and name your site, then select a local folder where that site will be saved at and then click save. From here you can simply go ahead and open up a new website that you will be creating and then simply go about and create this website according to whatever you will be doing. 

And now once you have some changes made on your website, you can click save and that will save the HTML document and you can easily preview it as well.

And that is How to Create a New Website with Dreamweaver. Thanks for watching. And to find out more, please visit us on the web at

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