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Video:Formatting HTML text

with Don Schechter

If you want to create headings or add emphasis by using bold or italicized text, then these simple HTLM tags will do the trick. Learn how to format text in HTML.See Transcript

Transcript:Formatting HTML text

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to format text using HTML.

Open an HTML Document

First open Notepad. I'll open an HTML document that I saved by right clicking the file, selecting 'open with' and, choosing Notepad. Make sure that your HTML document has the proper tags for HTML, head and body.

Create HTML Headings

First we'll create headings within the body of the document. Between the body tags, type 'h1' in brackets, followed by the end tag. Between the two tags type 'This is heading 1.' H1 through H6 are headings in different sizes. It is a great way to organize your webpage.

Type the rest of the headings in to see what they look like. Different browsers may display headings differently.

Format Text in HTML: Bold

To make your text bold, type 'strong' in brackets. Close the tag and type 'This text is bold.' This tag will look the same on any browser. The physical tags like 'b' for bold and 'i' for italic looked different on different browsers, so they shouldn't be used anymore.

Format Text in HTML: Italics

To make your text italic, use the 'em' tag, for emphasis. Type 'This text is italicized' and your end tag. Again, this will look the same on any browser.

Format Text: Bold and Italic

You can also nest your text to make it both bold and italic. Type 'This text is bold and italic.' Type the em tag on either side of the text. Now type the strong tags outside of the em tags. It helps to write your start tags and end tags at the same time so you're not missing anything when you view it in a browser.

Preview the HTML-Formatted Text

Make sure to save your document with an .html file type and close Notepad. Now click on your document to see it in your browser.

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