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Video:Create Tables in HTML

with Don Schechter

Tables give a clean look to a webpage, and also help organize information in a reader-friendly way. Learn what three main tags you need to create a table in HTML.See Transcript

Transcript:Create Tables in HTML

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to create tables for your website using HTML.

Open an HTML Document

First open Notepad, or if you're using a Mac, open Simple Text. I'll open a project that was previously saved.

HTML Table Tags

There are three main tags you will need to create a table using html. The word table between brackets defines a table. Tr between brackets defines a row in the table. Td defines a column in the table.

Determine the Table Size

The simplest way to create a table is to determine how big it needs to be, then build it row by row. I will build a 3 row by 3 column table.

Plug in the HTML Table Tags

Start with the table tag. Don't forget the end tag. Now for the first row, type the tr tag. For the columns, type the td tag and Row 1 Column 1 then the end td tag. Do the same for columns 2 and 3. Don t forget to end the row with the end tr tag.

Now create another row using the tr tag. And do the same thing for the columns as before only type Row 2 Column 1 in within the column tags. After you have typed out all your rows and columns, don't forget to end your table.

Add a Border to the HTML Table

I'm going to put a border in the table by typing border=1 into the start table tag.

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