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Video:How to Add Bookmarks to a Webpage

with Don Schechter

Adding a bookmark to your webpage will allow a reader to jump down the page to view different information. Watch how simple it is to add a bookmark for easy browsing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Add Bookmarks to a Webpage

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to add a bookmark to your webpage so you easily maneuver through lots of information on one page.

Open an HTML Document

First open Notepad, or if you are using a Mac, open Simple Text. I will open a saved html document that I have been working on.

Prepare the Document for Bookmarks

Adding a bookmark will allow a reader to jump down the page to view different information. First you should create the whole page with all the information you want. I have organized it with headings. Bookmarks work well if you have a table of contents at the top and the chapters or sections of information below.

Add a Bookmark to the Webpage

Within the paragraph where you want the link, type the a tag, href= quote pound then the name of the part you want to link to in your page. I will link to heading1, end quote and close the brackets. Now type the text of the link. I'll just type Heading 1. Don't forget to close the a tag.

Choose the Bookmark ID Attribute

Now I will go down in my document where heading 1 is and put an id attribute. This is where the link will take us when we click on it. Within the heading 1 tag, type id equals quote heading1 close the bracket Heading 1. You can use the id attribute to link anything in the same page.

Now when I click on the bookmark it will take me down to my heading. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit
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