Get a Better Walking Workout- Five Walking Mistakes to Avoid Video
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Video:Get a Better Walking Workout by Avoiding these Pitfalls

with Wendy Bumgardner

Walking the wrong way wastes energy and can even lead to injury. Learn how to improve your walking technique to be a more efficient, powerful walker.See Transcript

Transcript:Get a Better Walking Workout by Avoiding these Pitfalls

Hi, I'm Wendy Bumgardner your Guide to Walking at Walking the right way can lead to better health and fitness.

Walking the wrong way can lead to wasted effort or even injury. Avoid these five walking mistakes:
  1. Head down. Looking down while you walk can lead to problems with your back, neck and shoulders. Instead, keep your head up, and your eyes focused 10 to 20 feet ahead.
  2. Leaning. Leaning forwards or backwards while walking can result in back pain. Stand up straight but with relaxed shoulders. Your chin up and parallel to the ground. Pull in your abs and tilt your pelvis slightly forward so you can stand tall and walk without a swayed back.
  3. Overstriding. When walkers try to walk faster, they often reach out further with the forward foot. Instead, concentrate on taking shorter, quicker steps and really pushing off with the back foot. You will soon be walking faster and with more power. This will also help prevent shin splints and other problems.
  4. No Arms. Walking without any arm motion is a mistake. Use your arms when you walk to add power and speed. Bend your arms ninety degrees and swing them naturally back and forth.
  5. Chicken-winging. Swinging your arms too much is also a mistake. Instead, keep your arms close to your body and swing your arms mostly back and forward. Your hand should not cross the center line and should come up no higher than the breast.
Now you're walking without the walking mistakes. Keep your chin up, don't lean forward, use your amrs, don't overstride, no chicken-winging, and smile.

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