Quick Tip: Proper Stance for a Dig in Volleyball Video
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Video:Quick Tip: Proper Stance for a Dig in Volleyball

with Natalie Schmitting

One of the keys to a good dig in volleyball is starting with the proper stance. This video form About.com will teach you the correct stance for a dig in volleyball.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Proper Stance for a Dig in Volleyball

Hi, I'm Natalie Schmitting for About.com. In this video you will learn about the proper stance for a dig in volleyball.

Foot Position for a Digging Stance

First, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure your feet are at a comfortable width so that shuffling laterally is not a problem. Your body weight should be primarily forward, with emphasis on the balls of your feet. This is important because you don't want to fall backwards when receiving a dig. Your heels should be just off the ground.

Bending Your Knees

Next, bend at your knees and at your waist. You should not bend your back -- you should not look hunched over. It is important to keep your back straight because you become more efficient as a player and it prevents unnecessary back strain during play. Keep your hands out in front of you, and do not connect your hands until you're ready to dig.

This posture will make you ready for any type of ball - you're free to return it underhand or overhand. Work to stay low in the digging position. If you are more often standing on the court, your chances of digging a ball successfully are lessened. The keys to digging are to stay low and to stay ready.

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