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Video:How to Do a Float Serve in Volleyball

with Natalie Schmitting

A float serve is an unpredictable weapon in volleyball that can help you out a lot. This video from will demonstrate proper technique for a float serve.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Float Serve in Volleyball

Hi, I'm Natalie Schmitting for In this video, you will learn how to do a float serve in volleyball. This serve usually comes after you have mastered the regular overhand serve.

Float Serve Stance

To begin, stand approximately one foot behind the service line. Place your non-dominant foot in front of your dominant foot, like you would with the regular overhand serve. Put the volleyball in your non-dominant hand and hold the ball at about waist height. Have your hitting arm bent, pointing upwards behind your head, as if you're using a bow and arrow.

Hitting the Float Serve

Without spinning it, toss the ball upward just above your head and approximately one foot in front of your body. Shift the weight of your body to your front foot; step forward and, with your palm, hit the back of the ball. Your hand should remain fairly stiff.

Solid ball contact is crucial to delivering a proper float serve. Do not follow all the way through with the motion; rather, your hand should be facing straight toward the net. Halting the follow through helps to keep the ball from spinning as it travels.

Uses of the Float Serve

The float serve technique makes the ball drop in unpredictable ways, resulting in service aces or shanked passes. When the opponent is not expecting it, this kind of serve can be remarkably effective. You would use a float serve when you're looking to challenge your opponent with a more difficult serve. This serve has the potential to get the opponent out of system. This means that the other team may struggle to execute a smooth 3-contact set up.

Depending on where you want the serve to go on the court, you may have to experiment with where you stand behind the service line. Some players will stand significantly far from the line, causing the ball to travel a longer distance, with the ball dropping quite dramatically over the net.

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