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Video:How to Put in and Remove Contact Lenses

with Dr. Stephen Rozenberg

Putting in contact lenses can seem squeamish to those who never tried before, but it's fairly easy. Learn how to put in and take out soft contact lenses.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Put in and Remove Contact Lenses

Hello, this is Doctor Stephen Rozenberg, from 10/10 Optics in New York City, here for About.com. I am going to give you some information on placing both soft and rigid contact lenses on the cornea and taking them off your corneas.

Prepare to Put in Contacts

Always try not to get your fingerprint on the inside of a contact lens. This traps oil and skin cells between the lens and cornea and can lead to less comfortable wearing. Place the soft lens on your thumb and hold it in front of you and tilt it so that the front edge of the lens is lined up visually with the edge of the lens further away from you.

Putting on Soft Contact Lenses

Now let's place the lens on the cornea. For most people, it is extremely different to keep the eye open without blinking. And a patient will likely blink the lens off their finger, so we place the contact lens on the middle finger use the index finger of that hand to pull the lower lid down and with the other hand go above the eye and hold the upper lid up by the lashes. Then place the lens directly on the cornea either by staring at the lens or by staring at a fixed point. Don't do this too quickly.

When the lens is on, let go of the lid very slowly. Let the eyes stay closed for a second and then gently blink. If you messed up and the lens ended on the white part of your eye, put your finger on either eye lid and gently push the lens so it slides on the cornea.

For a rigid lens, this requires a one on one practice session with a contact lens dispenser.

Remove Contact Lenses

First soft lenses. Hold your lids open. Look up. Put your index finger on the very edge of the lens below your cornea at 6 o'clock. Slide the lens down slightly and with the thumb and finger of that hand gently pinch and remove. You never want to pinch over the cornea itself, in case the lens is not there. It could be dangerous.

Remove Rigid Contact Lenses

Take the index finger of your hand other same side as the eye in which you are working on. While holding the opposite hand 7-8 inches below that eye and look at that hand's thumb. Open your eye really wide. Put that index finger at the corner of your eye and pull towards your ear. Then give a blink and the lens will pop out into your hand. Work over a towel, as the lens might miss your hand and it could bounce and roll.

All contact lens handing is best done outside of the bathroom. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at About.com
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