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Video:What Are Cheat Codes?

with Vincent Modica

Though cheat codes aren't apart of a video game's official winning strategy, they are definitely a whole lot of fun to use. Watch this About.com video discussing cheats codes for video games.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are Cheat Codes?

Hi I'm Vincent Modica for About.com and today I'm going to explain to you what a cheat code is.

Purpose of the Cheat Code

Cheats or codes are a way to unlock something early or get something secret. Cheats are put into games because they are there for developer testing or are easter eggs or are just for fun. 

How to Enter Cheat Codes

Cheats can be entered in many different ways depending on the game. Some use passwords while others use pure button presses.

Today real cheats are getting rarer and rarer. With the creation of achievements and trophies  and the dominance of multiplayer games cheats are taking a back seat to skill.

If cheats do appear they are mainly in single player and most of the time disable your ability to unlock achievements and trophies. Also cheats that previously were considered part of the game are sold for money as DLC. 

Konami Cheat Code

One famous code is know as the Konami Code. Named after the company who created it Konami. This code was featured in such games as Contra. The code is up, up, down, down,left,right,left,right,b,a. Though in modern times the code is used in non Konami games and is just apart of nerd culture.

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