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Video:What Are Cheat Codes?

with Chris Brown

Ever imagined what it would be like to get to the last level of a video game, and actually win? In this About.com Video, Chris Brown explains what cheat codes are and how to use them to become a video game pro.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are Cheat Codes?

Hi, My name is Chris Brown and in this video I'm going to explain what cheat codes are.

What Are Cheat Codes for?

In video games, sometimes the programmers decide to put in features that will give the player some sort of advantage. In action games, some common cheats allow players to have infinite ammunition for weapons or infinite health. By accessing these cheats, it usually becomes easier to conquer a video game than it normally would without the use of cheat codes.

Common Cheat Code Methods

Since every video game is different, there are usually different methods for inputting these cheat codes. A common method for inputting cheat codes is by pressing a specific combination of buttons in a particular sequence at a specific point in the game. Another common method is by spelling out a special word or phrase in a particular menu. The cheat code input method is usually dictated by the video game programmers but not always.

Cheat Code Devices 

There are special disks or cartridges for games that can be used to enable cheats. These disks or cartridges directly manipulate the video games code values to give the player certain advantages. GameShark is just one of the many devices that allow players to access cheat codes. Since the some cheat codes are a direct manipulation of the game's code, it can sometimes cause glitches or corrupt data files.

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