Top Cheat Codes for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC Video
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Video:Top Cheat Codes for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC

with Nick Flegg

Stuck in Skyrim? In this video, find out how to take down dragons with ease with these seven, helpful, cheat codes.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Cheat Codes for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to teach you some of the best cheat codes for Skyrim on PC.

What is Skyrim?

Skyrim is the fifth title in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. Players are able to explore and interact with the world in any way they wish, although using cheats is just as effective.

How to Enter a Skyrim Cheat Code

To enter a cheat, you'll need to press the tilde key while in game. This will pause the action and bring up the 'console' – the hub for all of your cheating needs. To activate a cheat, simply enter the code into the console and hit enter. There are hundreds of cheat codes in Skyrim, here are some of the best!

Skyrim 'God Mode' Code

A wealth of foes inhabit the world of Skyrim, making your life a valuable commodity.  Enabling the 'God Mode' cheat gives you infinite health, magika, stamina and endurance.  To enable God mode, simply enter the code 'tgm'.  You turn this cheat off again by re-entering the code.

Skyrim 'PSB' Code

What good is magicka without the spells to use it?  Gain access to all spells in the game by entering the code 'psb'. A career as a master sorcerer awaits!

Skyrim 'Advskill' Code

Learn the skills you haven't yet been able to master by entering the code 'advskill' to increase your skills. Be sure to enter the skill you want to enhance and the amount you want to level it by. Skills level at different speeds, so be sure to experiment until you get the level you want!

Skyrim 'Unlock' Code

You can unlock any chest or door you happen to find by entering the code 'unlock'. If you prefer to pick your way through and you run out of lockpicks, enter the code 'player.additem 0000000a' and then enter the quantity of the item you wish to add.  This also works for gold! Enter the code 'player.additem 0000000f' to gift yourself some coins.

Skyrim 'Player.Setav Speedmult' Code

If things are moving too slowly for you, enter the code 'player.setav speedmult' followed by speed you wish to travel at. 100 is the default speed, so aim for a figure of around 150-200 when applying this cheat.

You'll move even slower if you're over-encumbered. Increase your carry limit by entering the code 'player.setav carryweight' and then adding the new figure. Now, you'll never be burdened again!

Skyrim 'Coc' Code

If you prefer to avoid walking altogether, use the fast travel cheat to instantly teleport to a new location. Enter the code 'coc' and the name of the location you wish to travel to. You can enter the code 'qasmoke' in order to travel to the secret developers room, where you'll be able to find all the items in the game.

Skyrim 'Showclassmenu' Code

Finally, if you've had a change of heart, you can change your character's attributes by entering the code 'showclassmenu'.

Remember, using cheats can wreck havok with your game. Some cheats can't be turned off and some can cause unfixable glitches. Just be sure to backup your save file before you try any of these.

Now you know how to cheat your way through Skyrim. For more video game tips and tricks, be sure to visit

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