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Video:Strategies for Red Dead Redemption

with Shane Murphy

Find out how to best navigate and handle the desert in Red Dead Redemption.See Transcript

Transcript:Strategies for Red Dead Redemption

Hi, I’m Shane Murphy, your video game Guru for Today we’ll review your fastest route to revenge as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption offers a massive world for exploration. Rockstar surpassed even their Grand Theft Auto games by giving you tons of different options for activities and collectibles at every stage of your adventure.

Explore by Horse

For instance, exploring often by horse will give you a strong degree of familiarity with parts of the map. This is invaluable for successfully using the maps you’ll come across to find treasure.

Collect Herbs

Collecting herbs you find across the desert will eventually let you create tonics with useful effects, such as replenishing your health or dead eye meter. Buy and use a Survivalist map and your minimap will display all the herb locations in your immediate vicinity for 20 minutes.

Bring in Revenue with Animal Pelts

Wild animals can be shot and skinned for their pelts, a good source of revenue if you go for wolf and other valuable pelts. Your map can help here as well. Look for the symbol for the animal you’re hunting to find spots where they naturally congregate.

Play Side Games in Red Dead Redemption

In addition to all of this you can always swing into town and play one of the many side-games at your disposal, like poker, blackjack, five finger fillet, and others.

Use Towns to Your Advantage

Different towns also have different outfits you can either purchase or work towards winning. Besides change his appearance, these outfits usually carry a special effect. For instance, the Elegant Suit you can buy in thieves landing allows you to cheat at Poker. Other outfits let you pass as a member of different gangs.

Towns are of course the center of other types of random activity. You’re liable to run across robberies in action, kidnappings, and other occurrences that will test your honor. You can also look for wanted posters to get information on available bounties, or pay off a bounty that may be on your own head.

There are a few key items you can find in towns that you should get immediately. One is the improved campsite, which will refill your ammo every time you use it for free. The other is the bandanna, purchasable in Thieves Landing. While wearing the bandanna you’re unrecognizable, so any acts you commit, good or evil will not move your honor meter. Whether you’re trying to be honorable or dishonorable, the bandanna is indispensable.

Tips for Weapons in Red Dead Redemption

You’re going to do a lot of shooting in Redemption, so you need to make sure you’re using the best weapons available to you at all times.

There is no one best gun though, so your situation will often dictate which gun is most appropriate. If you’re ducking behind cover and picking off enemies from a distance then you’ll want an accurate rifle like the Springfield. But if you’re using Dead Eye on a large group of enemies, you’ll want a repeater for its high ammo count and fast firing.

Using the various revolvers you’ll find in Dead Eye mode will bring out their true colors: they are great for firing very quickly. Remember that you can still die while in Dead Eye, so stay away from slower firing weapons.

Finally, keep in mind that the difference in effectiveness between different weapons of the same type is not as dramatic as the stats make them out to be. A headshot with any gun on a normal enemy is always an instant kill, and a shot aimed squarely at the chest will almost always hit, no matter how poor the accuracy rating is.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have no problem surviving the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption. Thanks for watching…to learn more, visit! (Music Credit: "The Picture Is Not Complete" by D-Sailors)

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