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Video:Hints and Tips for Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS

with Vincent Modica

Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS revamps the classic video game with new levels. Watch this video from About.com to learn some hints and tips for conquering Bob-bomb and other challenges in Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS.See Transcript

Transcript:Hints and Tips for Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS

Hi I'm Vincent Modica for About.com and today I'm going to show you some tips, tricks and secrets for Super Mario 64 DS.

Super Mario 64 on Nintendo DS Revamps the Classic

Super Mario 64 DS is an enhanced remake of Super Mario 64. Adding new stages and new characters makes this the definitive version of the classic.

Navigate Through the Challenges in Super Mario 64

In Bob-omb Battlefield, head straight on the stage until you hit a patch of flowers on your right. Stand on the right of the flower bed to be teleported to another flower bed on the other side of the stage. Also While in Bob-bomb Battlefield, climb the mountain until you find the hutch where the metal balls come out from. Enter the hutch and stand to the right side of it until you are teleported to the other hutch on top of the mountain.

In the level Cool Cool Mountain, head right at the beginning of the stage to find a broken bridge. Stand near the edge of the bridge to be teleported to the bottom of the mountain.

In Shifting Sand Lands, head to the blocks surrounded by quicksand. If you go to the platform next to the one with the red block above it, it will teleport you across the stage.

In Wet Dry Land, when you jump into the portrait to enter the level the water will raise or lower. Jumping into the top will raise it and vica verca. 

In Tall Tall Mountain, head up the mountain until you find an area with a grove of mushrooms. Jump across them and get to the second small mushroom to warp up the mountain.

In Tick Tock Clock, depending on what time the minute hand is on will affect the speed of the clock. If you enter at 12 the clock will stop. As the hour goes on it will progressively get faster and faster. Use this to your advantage.

How to Heal Yourself in Super Mario 64

To heal yourself quickly jump into any swimmable body of water. And when you exit you will be healed.

To find the secret slide head to the one star room at the top of the first area of the castle. And jump into the stained glass window of princess Peach on the right. 

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