Cheats and Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on PS2 Video
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Video:Cheats and Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on PS2

with Chris Davis

To work your way through Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories with a little more ease on the Playstation 2, you'll need some shortcuts. Learn some cheat codes to up your play in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:Cheats and Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on PS2

Hi I'm Chris Davis for There are several cheat codes and tips that will help your game play in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on the PS2. Here are a few of the popular ones.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PS2

To utilize any cheat codes in this game you will enter them during game play. If you entered the code correctly, a corresponding message will appear. However, it is important to understand that you may not want to save the game while codes have been enabled. It could change your game statistics and some codes cannot be disabled. The missions in GTA are fun to work through as well as just causing a little chaos.

Cheat Codes to Unlock Weapons

To begin your chaos try unlocking all of the weapons. You will need to do it in three steps. For the first stage of weapons Enter: UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT.

For the second set enter: UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, RIGHT. And for the third and most powerful set of weapons enter: UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT. However realize that Enabling these codes will cause your street creds to drop in points.

Boosting Your Health Meter with Cheats

Maintaining a high health meter will also allow you to progress further through the game. L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1 will restore your health as well as repair your car if it is smoking or damaged. While the code L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1 will give you extra Armor.

Extra Cheats and Codes

A few fun codes that will change your overall play include: Square, Square, R1, X, X, L1, Circle, Circle which will cause the other drivers to become aggressive. L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, X, Square will destroy all the cars Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L1, L1 will allow you to drive on water. If you are tired of driving a particular car you can spawn a Rhino by entering: L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Triangle, Circle and entering: Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L1, L1 will spawn a Trashmaster.

Getting Quick Cash and Upping Your Wanted Level with Cheats

Quick cash will sometimes be a necessity. to get $250000 enter: L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1.

You can also choose if you would like to increase your wanted level by entering: L1, R1, Square, L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1. Or completely disable it by entering L1, L1, Triangle, R1, R1, X, Square, Circle. You will never have a wanted level.

If you are interested in additional cheat codes for this game check out's gadget site. To learn more check us out on the web. Thanks for watching.

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