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Video:Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on Sony PSP

with Vincent Modica

Want to increase weapons, health and money in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for Sony PSP? This how-to video from About.com takes you through some of the best cheats in the game.See Transcript

Transcript:Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on Sony PSP

Hi I'm Vincent Modica for About.com and get ready for pastel colors and synthesizers, because were looking at cheats for Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. 

What is Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories?

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is the second installment of Grand Theft Auto for the PSP. In Vice City Stories we head back to the 80's. You play as Vick Vance the brother of Lance Vance who previously co-starred in he original Grand Theft Auto Vice City. All cheats are entered through a set of button combinations during gameplay. 

How to Get Vick Vance Started with Cheat Codes

Vick starts the game nearly penniless a way to acquire money is to do missions. For an even quicker way use this cheat to acquire 250,000 dollars. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, L1, R1.

Cheat Codes for Weapon Sets in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for Sony PSP

Another Thing Vick lacks is weapons. There are three different weapons cheats with their own group of weapons to choose from.

Use this cheat LEFT, RIGHT, X, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, RIGHT. To get weapon set one. Which contains the brass knuckles, knife, molotov cocktail, M9 handgun, scorpion sub machine gun, Ak-47, flame thrower and sniper rifle. 

Use this cheat LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, LEFT, RIGHT. To get weapon set two. Which contains the katana, remote grenade, scoped python, stubby shotgun, uzi, M4, rocket launcher and dragunov.

And finally use this cheat LEFT, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT. To gain weapon set 3. Which includes the chain saw, grenade, scoped python, spaz 12, Mp5, M4, mini gun and dragunov. 

Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes for Health

To heal yourself use this cheat. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1. 

To gain an additional life bar use the armor cheat. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, R1.

More Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City

You may find yourself in a sticky situation with the cops to get rid of your wanted level use this cheat. UP,RIGHT,TRIANGLE,TRIANGLE,DOWN,LEFT,X,X.

If you want to maximize your killing potential you can spawn the Rhino tank with this cheat. UP, L1, DOWN, R1, LEFT, L1, RIGHT, R1.

Vice city can be a lonely place. To gain a following use the guys follow you cheat. RIGHT, L1, DOWN, L1, CIRCLE, UP, L1, SQUARE.

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