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Video:How to Give a Dog a Pill

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Giving a dog a pill (successfully) can be tricky, but with the proper "know how" it will be easy. Watch this video to learn how to administer a pill to a dog.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Give a Dog a Pill

HI, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Levy, house call vet NYC and I’m here to show you with Jackson’s help how to give your dog a pill. 

Instructions for Giving a Dog a Pill

We are going to begin by first holding the pill.  The pill you'll hold between your 2 fingers.  With the other hand, you will gently open the top jaw of your dog’s mouth holding behind the 2 canine teeth and at the same time, gently open the bottom jaw by inserting your finger over the ridge of the lower jaw.  

Opening the Dog's Mouth and Placing the Pill

As we're opening, you'll be inserting the pill pushing gently and your finger will pass over into a valley, the base of the tongue.  All you have to do is let go of that pill as you push and as the dog closes his mouth, it will retract its tongue and pull that pill in.  To ensure that that pill goes down, I suggest you hold the jaw close for a short while, gently blow on the nose and tickle the throat or even giving a little chaser with a syringe with a little bit of water.

Alternative Methods

All this will facilitate the natural swallowing mechanism of your pet.  If you really find you can’t get the pill in with your fingers, why not just wrap it up in a piece of American cheese and you got it in.  Other option is to use the pilling gun.  Drawing the plunger, inserting it in the tip and injecting it into the mouth as well.  You could also take the pill and hide in a small amount of his favorite food or even peanut butter, disguise it and it will be just as good as pilling him directly. 


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