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Video:Give a Cat a Pill

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Giving a cat a pill can be tough, but we can help make it a success. Watch this video to learn how to get the cat to take its medicine.See Transcript

Transcript:Give a Cat a Pill

Hi, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Levy, House Call Vet NYC and I'm here to show you how to give a pill to a cat.  I'm here with my personal assistant, Mr. Asti Spumante who's going to lend his talent in terms of this important feline demonstration. 

Administering the Pill to the Cat

We're going to do what I call one finger push technique.  Now you have limited reaction time with a kitty, so patience is a virtue.  You may not get it at the first time but you will certainly will by the second.  

Technique for Giving the Cat the Pill

The pill will be held between the tips of your fingers.  One hand will grasp his top jaw.  The bottom hand will gently pry open the lower jaw.  Once the mouth is slightly open, you can push with your finger and insert the pill in his mouth.  

Additional Tips for Giving a Cat a Pill

Now that I've given in the pill, I'm going to do 4 additional things.  I'm going to hold his mouth close.  I'm going to gently blow in his nose.  I'm going to tickle his throat and I may even give him a water chaser.  All of these will stimulate a natural swallowing mechanism.
Now, not everybody’s kitty is as cooperative as Asti's.  So I'm going to show you a couple of techniques that you may find useful.  One is what we call the kitty burrito.  Sometimes wrapping your kitty in this toga-like outfit maybe helpful.  If you really feel you can't get that pill with your finger, there is a device called the pill gun.  What you would do is draw back the plunger, insert a pill here.  You would insert the pilling gun and give your cat the pill in that manner.  For more information, visit

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