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Video:Give a Cat Liquid Medication

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In this video, learn how to properly give your cat liquid medicine.See Transcript

Transcript:Give a Cat Liquid Medication

Hi, I'm Dr. Jeffrey Levy, house call vet NYC and I'm here for to tell you how to give your cat a liquid medicine. 

Tools to Give Your Cat Medicine

Do you know when your veterinarian tells you 1 cc, he or she also means 1 mL that is a cubic centimeter is equivalent to a milliliter. Let's look at the simple tools you'll use to give your kitty it's medicine.

So here we have 3 types of dosing syringes. The first is a 3 cc or 3 mL syringe.  Notice the plunger is pulled back to 1 cc or 1 mL, that might be a typical dose you'll be asked to give your kitty. Next we have a 1 mL or 1 cc dropper. Notice that a 0.5 mL will be drawn up halfway in the syringe. Lastly, we have a 1 mL or 1 cc syringe.  You may get this type of syringe when you are given a very concentrated medicine or only small doses are required. This is 1 cc and every line represents a 10th of a cc.  
So here we have our volunteer, Asti Spumante. We are going to demonstrate how to give this liquid medicine. I'm going to gently hold this kitty's face and lift up his lip from the side. 

How to Give Your Cat Medicine

There are now 2 areas I can give the medicine. Right behind the canine tooth that is the saber tooth or back in the cheek pouch. And again, to expose the cheek pouch, what I do with my thumb is to gently pull back and lift and I'm going to see a spot in the corner.

If your kitty is a bit anxious about the procedure, one technique is to wrap them up in a little toga blanket which we jokingly call a kitty burrito. This blanket will keep your kitty feeling more secure and keep you, the owner, for being scratched. For more information, visit

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