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Video:How to Cut a Watermelon

with Rachel Edelman

Watermelon is the perfect refreshing snack on a hot summer day. See how to slice, cube, or ball a watermelon for different serving options.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut a Watermelon

Hi, I'm Rachel Edelman for About.com Food. Today I'm going to talk about watermelons. Due to its size and short season, the watermelon can be hard to approach. But it doesn't have to be hard to cut and it doesn't need to make a big mess. Also a lot of people think watermelons can only be eaten outside. Not true.

Watermelon Cutting Supplies

For this task, you will need:
  • a large knife
  • a small knife
  • a non-toxic marker
  • if you have a melon-ball tool or even an ice cream scoop, that will come in handy

How to Pick a Watermelon

Watermelons come in many varieties including red, yellow and seedless. Some people even eat the seeds. For this demonstration I am using a nice red. A watermelon is ripe when the bottom is a creamy yellow color, the green is an even color and the stem is brown. It should feel heavier than it looks.

Open the Watermelon

First we are going to draw lines to help us cut evenly. Place the flat side down and find the middle. Take a non-toxic marker and draw a line a little above the middle of the melon. Draw all the way around. With your knife, cut along the line. Getting down to eye level can help you cut evenly.

Watermelon Slices

Gently pick up the top of the watermelon and set aside. Now cut the halves into quarters. Cut slices however thick you like to eat off the rind.

Watermelon Cubes

For watermelon cubes, take one of the quarters and with the small knife, cut like so. The cubes fall off as you cut. Throw them in a bowl to serve or add it to a fruit salad.

Watermelon Balls

To make it even easier, use your melon baller or your ice cream scoop, just scoop it out and eat.

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