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Video:What Is a Caucus?

with Kwanza Hall

Caucuses are groups of people meeting to discuss and promote political parties or special interests. This video from About.com will explain the functioning of caucuses.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a Caucus?

Hi, I'm Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilman for District 2. District 2 is the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. And I'm here with About.com to tell you what a caucus is.

Definition of a Caucus

A caucus is simply a meeting or assembly of local members who assemble to discuss issues that matter to them and to select delegates or representatives to represent them at a national convention. At a national convention, various special interest groups come together in the form of a meeting, which we call a caucus, to vet out various issues that matter, special agendas, but also to select their representatives.

Example of a Caucus

For instance, a women's caucus may come together and decide the three most important issues to push at the national convention, as well as to decide which delegates will represent them best. And also which candidates the delegates should support for the national election.

Types of Caucuses

Caucuses represent a special interest or an attempt to influence a particular area of policy. For instance, there are women's caucuses, in some cases there are minority caucuses, there are caucuses based on various economic interest groups, and in addition to that, there can be caucuses based on regions. Sometimes caucuses have to meet frequently, other times caucuses have to meet infrequently.

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