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Video:How to Do a Proper Army Sit Up

with Army Sgt. Shane Medders

If you want to prepare for boot camp or just stay in shape, then add a few army sit ups to your routine to build ab strength and flatten tummies. Learn how to do the proper army sit up now.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Proper Army Sit Up

My name is Army Sgt. Shane Medders, and I am stationed in Fort Knox Kentucky as a drill Sergeant. For, today we will be showing you how to properly do a sit-up.

Army Sit Up Position

The starting position for the sit-up is the supine position, which is laying down flat on your back. Your fingers will be interlocked and up underneath your head and flat on the ground. Your elbows will be flat on the ground - your back will be flush along the ground. Your legs will be bent so as your upper and lower legs form a ninety degree angle. The feet will be together or up to twelve inches apart. The heel is the only part of the foot that must stay in contact with the ground. You can raise your toes up or you can lay them flat on the ground.

Army Sit Up Exercise

On the command go you will begin raising the upper body until the base of the neck is above the base of the spine. That is one complete repetition of the sit-up. Once you have attained that you will lower the body until the shoulder blades reach the ground. This is a four-count exorcize.

And that is how to properly do a sit-up. Thanks for watching.
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