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Video:Profile of Harry Reid

with Jim Flink

What do you know about Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. Watch this video to learn all about him and how he found his way into the US Senate.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Harry Reid

Hey I'm Jim Flink with and today we're profiling American politician and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Early Life of Harry Reid

Born in 1939 in rural Nevada, Reid was the son of a rock miner. The small town of Searchlight, Nevada had no high school so during the week he lived 45 miles from home, attending classes in a nearby town.  

After graduating High school he attended Utah State University. Friends and businesses in Searchlight helped Reid pay his college tuition.  Then he went to law school at George Washington University, supporting himself by working as a police officer.

Harry Reid's Career

In 1968 Reid was elected to the Nevada State Assembly after working as a City Attorney. In 1977, he was appointed Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Commission making a name for himself cleaning up Las Vegas' casino industry.

Reid, a liberal Democrat, was elected to the House briefly before moving to the Senate in 1986. He's served as house minor and majority whip and as Chairman of the Senate Ethics. Reid is currently serving his fourth term in the Senate. During his time in the Senate Reid has been able to write and pass bills on financial reform, healthcare reform, and on the economic stimulus. He's described as tough minded.

Harry Reid' Politcal Stances

He's been a strong advocate for equal opportunity, educational opportunities and standards, and Social Security. He's been a leader on transportation and energy issues. Reid helped put together the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Recently he's said he supports gay marriage, he's advocated for the outlawing of prostitution in Nevada, and a restricted right to abortion.

Religious Views of Harry Reid

Mr. Reid is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and married his high school sweetheart. The two have five children and fifteen grandchildren together.

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