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Video:What Is Medicaid?

with Zach Toombs

Need to know more about what the requirements and benefits of Medicaid are? This About.com video has an overview of the program.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Medicaid?


Hi I'm Zach Toombs for About.com, and here's an overview of the Medicaid Program.

Medicaid Background

Medicaid gives people with little or no medical insurance who are low-income, elderly or disabled access to medical benefits. Funded jointly with the federal government, states determine eligibility requirements and services provided.

Medicaid Statistics

According to government figures, Medicaid, together with the Children's Health Insurance Program, helps cover more than 31 million children. Medicaid finances 40 percent of all births in the United States according to government statistics, providing prenatal care, labor, delivery and 60 days postpartum care. Additionally, more than 8.8 million non-elderly people with disabilities, and 4.6 million low-income seniors, are covered by Medicaid.

Medicaid Eligibility

To qualify, at minimum an individual must be low-income and a US citizen, national or permanent resident. The individual must also be pregnant, responsible for children under 19 years old, or have a child with a disability.

Benefits Under Medicaid

While states administer their own Medicaid programs, they are required to cover certain “mandatory benefits.” They can opt to cover additional benefits as well.


Mandatory benefits include:

- Inpatient/outpatient hospital services

- Home health services

- Lab and X-ray services

- Family planning

- Tobacco cessation


Additional, optional benefits include:

- Prescription drugs

- Physical therapy

- Occupational therapy

- Respiratory care

- Optometry services

- Dental services


Benefits and eligibility requirements do vary by state, so be sure to check with the Medicaid office in your state for specifics. Thanks for watching our overview of the Medicaid Program. Visit About.com for more information.

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