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Video:Tween and Teen Yoga Poses for Focus

with Shari Vilchez-Blatt

Does your teen tend to wander off rather than concentrate on the task at hand? Meditation and yoga can help build focusing skills. Watch to learn a few great yoga poses that help with focus and concentration.See Transcript

Transcript:Tween and Teen Yoga Poses for Focus

Hi, I'm Shari Vilchez-Blatt with Karma Kids Yoga in New York City for About.com. And I'm going to show you the benefits of yoga for tweens and teens. We're going to work on some great yoga poses to help with focus and concentration.

Yoga Tree Pose for Teen Focus

So, why don't we start by standing really tall, with your feet together, and imagine that there are roots coming out of the bottom of your feet, standing really strong and tall, just like a tree. You can bring your hands in front of your heart or up over your head, spread out your tree branches, or, right over your head, whatever works for you.

And when you feel grounded, and strong and solid, just like a tree, I want you to pick up one leg, and come into tree pose. Stare at something that isn't moving. That will help you stay in this pose. And hold.

This is great for helping with our focus, with our concentration, whether it's in school or during our sports or during extracurricular activities. Hold. Really push the bottom of your foot into your leg and you leg into the bottom of your foot. Use your breath to steady yourself. One more breath in. And release, and gives you legs a shake.

And, what we do on one side we need to do on the other. And I want you to start to take notice from side to side if one sides a little easier or harder. Again, ground your feet into the floor, when you're feeling ready and solid, you're going to pick up the other leg. And notice if one side a little harder or easier than the other. Really use your breath. Strong standing leg to help you balance. And notice if we're having a good balancing day or a bad balancing day. And just let it go, does it just doesn't matter. And give your legs a shake. It's a great exercise to just continuously work on.

Balance Yoga Poses for Concentration

Another balancing pose that we're going to do is a rainbow pose. So, we're going to come on to our side, like this. Stack your legs. Ready? And then lift your hips up towards the sky and just like tree pose stare at something that isn't moving. Strong arm. Lift your hips a little higher, if you can, beautiful. Hold. Come down when your body says it's ok. When your body tells you I've had enough. Shake out your hands and take a rest in child's pose.

All balancing exercises are great ways to increase focus and concentration and these are wonderful tools that can be applied to anywhere in their lives - with their school work, with their lives at home, extracurricular activities, just overall focus and concentration.

Teen Yoga Exercises for Focus

Okay, whatever leg is in front, bring that same arm down, right in front of your foot. Bring it on to the block, whatever's easier. Strong bellies, strong arms, reach that other leg back behind you and reach that arm towards the ceiling. This is a really great pose for also increasing strength and flexibility and confidence. But mostly for focus and balance, for focus and concentration. And when you're ready, come up. What we do on one side we have to do on the other.

So, warrior legs. Bring your hand down to the floor to the block. When you're ready, and just notice from side to side, if one side was a little easier, or one was a little harder. And take a rest in child's pose.

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