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Video:How to Change a Bike Tire

with Danila James

Nothing can flatten a sunny day in the park faster than a wobbly, deflating bike tire. Learn how to remove and fill a tire, and your family will be back on your bikes in no time.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change a Bike Tire

Hi, this is Danila James for Parenting, and today I'm going to show you how to change a flat tire on a bicycle. In no time, your wheels will be full of air, like new, and ready to hit the streets.

Tools to Change a Bike Tire

Here's what we'll need:
  • bicycle wheel tool (tire lever)
  • new tube
  • air tube

Remove the Flat Tire From the Bike

Start by taking your wheel off of the bike frame. Do this by first disconnecting your brakes, and then opening the quick release mechanism. If your bike doesn't have a quick release mechanism you'll need 2 wrenches to loosen the nuts. Next, insert your bike tool between the tire and the rim. Using the tool as a lever, pull the tire edge over the rim. Do this all around the wheel. We can now pull the tire off the rim completely, and pull out our tube.

Now, carefully check the inside of the tire to make sure there is no debris or bits of glass. I'm going to do this by running my fingers on the inner part of the rubber.

Fill the Flat Bike Tire

Next, using your air pump inflate your new tube slightly and place it snugly inside the tire. Lining up the tube's valve with the hole in the rim, pull on a part of the tire. To get the last part on to the rim, use your tire lever. Now, inflate the tube and we're almost done.

Reattach the Bike Tire

Our last step is to re-attach the wheel and to re-connect the brakes. And there you have it - your bike is now ready to rock. For more information visit us on the Web at Thanks for watching!
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