How to Connect a TV to a DVD Player Video
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Video:How to Connect a TV to a DVD Player

with Briana Bonome

Connecting your DVD player to your TV involves a few different cables and plugs, but the process is actually simple even for the electronically challenged. Watch this video to learn how to connect a DVD player to the TV.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Connect a TV to a DVD Player

Hi, I'm Briana Bonome and in this video I'll show you how to connect a TV to a DVD player

The Connection Cables and Plugs

You'll start by making sure your DVD player and TV are off. Take your RCA cable, that's the one with the red, yellow and white color-coded ends. You'll use these to connect the video, yellow, and audio, white and red, signals to your television set. Plug the corresponding colored ends into your DVD player and then connect the chord to the TV. Wherever you plug your RCA cable into on the TV should be named video 1 2 3 and so on. Note which video number you are plugged into.

Connect the DVD to a Power Source

Next take your power chord that came with the DVD player and connect it to the player, connect the opposite end to a power source. Turn on your TV and DVD player. Using the TV/video function on your remote or the button on your TV set, change your setting until you reach the video number you plugged your RCA cable into or stop when you see your DVD player’s logo.

Put your DVDs into your set up DVD player.

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