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Video:How To Connect the TV to External Speakers

with Ron Lipsky

Create a superior sound experience by connecting your TV to external speakers.See Transcript

Transcript:How To Connect the TV to External Speakers

Hello, I'm Ron Lipsky for Today I'm going to talk to you about connecting external speakers to your television. There are two basic ways you can do this and I'm going to go over both from top to bottom.

Option 1: Audio Through Computer Speakers

The first way is to run audio out of your TV and into a set of standard, basically computer speakers. Computer speakers all take an eight inch jack on the end. So what you're going to need is an RCA cable on one end, which is going to take the audio sound of your television, and an eight inch jack on the other end so you can plug it into the speakers. It's important to make sure that jack is stereo. Otherwise, it's going to compress both of these into one signal.

So I connected the RCA cables to the back of the RCA out on the TV. That means the audio signal from the TV is coming out of this little eight inch jack. Just take your jack, plug it into the back of your speaker system, power it on, and you should be hearing your TV sound through those speakers. So now I have sound running out of my TV and into my little computer speakers.

Option 2: Using a Tuner

The second method I want to talk to you about involves you having a tuner. Tuners are usually connected to stereo system and run through all the speaker systems in your house. If you're running your TV into your tuner, you're going to need a double-sided RCA cable. Once you take this cable and plug it into the back of the TV where audio out is marked (make sure you match up white to white and red to red) Once the cable is plugged into the back of your TV, you're going to find the appropriate input on the back of your tuner.

Now it's possible if you have an older tuner, it's not going to have a TV setting. So instead find an open slot, CD, phono, tape (not a lot of us have tape recorders anymore). Plug it into that and now run a test. Put your tuner on the appropriate channel, turn on the TV and see if the sound comes out. Sometimes you are not going to hear anything. That means your TV probably requires you to set the audio out. Doing that can be achieved through your remote control through the audio settings on your menu. Just remember, once you set that menu option, when you turn on your TV you're not going to hear sound. You're going to have to turn on your external speakers to hear the sound.

I've given you two great methods for getting louder, bigger sound out of your TV. One of them is working for me right now. Can you hear that? For more information, go to I'll see you next time.

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