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Video:Add Items to a Netflix Queue

with Briana Bonome

The Netflix queue is where all of your entertainment choices are stored in the DVD rental and video streaming service. Learn how to add items to your Netflix queues in this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:Add Items to a Netflix Queue

Hi I'm Briana Bonome and in this About.com video I'll show you how to add items to a Netflix queue.

Adding to the Netflix Instant Queue

There are two types of queues you can add items to, your instant queue and your DVD queue. If you're on your personalized homepage you can browse movies. By hovering your cursor over a particular movie you can add it to your instant queue.

You can browse for a particular movie in the search bar. If its available only on DVD the add button will be red, click this button and it will be added to your DVD queue. If it it available on instant but it is not in your instant queue a green save button will appear, click this to add it to your instant queue.

Adding to Your Netflix DVD Queue

If a title on instant I already in your instant queue a red discs button will appear to send away for DVDs. You can click into it to get any DVDs from a series sent to you by mail.

On the navigation bar you can also click on DVDs to browse movies no television shows available. By clicking the red add button you can add DVDs to your queue. If the movie is not yet available of if there is a wait list for the DVD a free save button will appear, click this is you'd like it added to your queue until it becomes available.

By clicking on your queue in the navigation bar you can change the order of how you want to receive your DVDs, simply drag and click your movies up or down, change the number on the list order, or move any DVD to the top of your queue. Scroll down and select update queue.

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