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Video:How to Remove Suckers From a Fan Tex Ash Tree

with Robert Call

Our expert explains how to properly remove suckers from a fan tex ash tree. See these quick tips for how to remove suckers from a fan tex ash tree without the help of a professional.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove Suckers From a Fan Tex Ash Tree

I'm Robert Call, area Horticulture agent, for cooperatibe extension, the university of Arizona. And, I'm here for

Removing Suckers From a Fan Tex Ash Tree

Okay we're going to remove some suckers from this ash tree, they're growing up from the root stalk. And they're not tidy looking and also the tree is putting energy into these suckers which could go towards top growth of the tree.

Instructions for Pruning a Fan Tex Ash Tree

So, when we're pruning, I like to use bypass shears. Those that have the scissor action. There's another type called the admiral type – the blade cuts on a bed, and what happens is you have to sharpen both sides of the blade and also it cross cuts and then crushes. And crushed tissue doesn't heal as fast as clean cut tissue. That's why I like to use these scissor action tools. Now another thing with a good pair shears is that they have removable blades and a hook. This is called a hook and this is the blade. And if they break you can pull out these little pins and gewt new parts for them. Also, they have an adjustment mechanism here that you can adjust so that the distance between the blade and the hook is maintained constant and you get a clean cut.

Here's another version. These are loppers. And you can see the same thing. Here's the blade, here's the hook. Sharpened only on one side. They have a nut, excuse me a bolt, that screws into the hook, that has threads and then there's a nut that tightens it down. So you keep the distance between the blade and the hook constant – you get clean cuts. And every once in a while you just touch up this blasé right here, and keep it nice and shiny. And then if you have a little burr you can knock it off. But if you only have to sharpen one side of the pruner.

Now, one other thing, if we get into woody tissue we can use a pruning saw. And a pruning saw has cross cut teeth – the teeth of the blade are set like this, in a cross cut fashion not a rip saw fashion. And they cut on the backstroke. So, we just start pruning them off. W can do this any time of the season, it doesn't matter. Whenever they appear we prune them off. This one's been let go for a little while.

Tips for Pruning a Fan Tex Ash Tree

You want to clip as close to the stump as possible. Assuming you don't have bucket hangers. Well, we just prune em off. We don't leave long stumps.

By pruning we make it more sightly. But also, we allow the photo synthate not to travel all the way down the tree. And let is stay at the top of the tree for shoot growth. All this growth here is wasted.

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