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Video:How to Throw a Javelin

with Warren Robertson

Throwing a javelin requires different athletic skills that need to be honed in order to compete in the event successfully. Watch this video to learn the basics for throwing a javelin.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Throw a Javelin

Hi I’m Warren with We’re here today to talk about how to throw the javelin.

Before You Throw the Javelin

One of the first things you wanna do is learn how to stretch before you throw. Pick out the size javelin for the individual or the person. There’s basically three sizes. Masters is 700, the girls is 600 grams, the male is 800 grams.

Running with the Javelin

When you go on the run way you run with the javelin. You start with a good relaxed javelin right here at your side. Javelin is straight the whole time. Next we’re gonna work on our steps. When you’re a beginner you might wanna start with a three step approach. Work yourself out to a five step approach. Once you’ve gotten better and can maintain your speed going into the box you can move up to a 10 or 15 step run way.

Throwing the Javelin

As you’re running down the runway and you start to hit your crossovers. You wanna lay your javelin all the way back, full extension. As your running out of your crossovers you will bound onto your block leg holding your left arm.After bounding onto your block leg your forcing all your weight onto your left side. You’re gonna hold your block having all your momentum going through the center of the javelin. I wanna say thanks for watching and if you want to learn more visit us at

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