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Video:Correct Shot Put Technique

with Justine Robertson

Shot put requires focused momentum and strength, so watch this video to learn the details of the glide shot put technique.See Transcript

Transcript:Correct Shot Put Technique

Hi, I’m Justine Robertson with and today we’re here to talk about the correct shot put technique.

Basics of Shot Put Technique

Before you begin throwing it is crucial to stretch and warm up properly to prevent injury. There are three different sizes of shot : the 8 pound, the 12 pound and the 16 pound shot. Now it is time to enter the circle. The proper way to enter the circle is to walk through the back of the circle for safety purposes.

The Glide Shot Put Technique

Pickup the shot and hold it in your fingers, not your palm. Once you are correctly holding the shot, you are going to tuck it into your chin against your neck. Face towards the back of the circle with your feet pointing in the same direction. Now drop your hips and begin to cock the throw. Drive with your leg backwards towards the front of the circle. You’re going to glide across the ring with your front leg, or block leg until you hit the front of the circle. Hold your block leg steady and turn your hips. As you turn your hips your head will follow. Be sure to keep your shoulders square and behind your hips as they turn.  Focus all of your momentum into pushing the shot and into the follow through.

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