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with Anne-Marie Lusby

Reading toys for kids ages 5-7 can help them develop their language and comprehension skills while also having fun. Here are the best reading toys for kids 5-7.See Transcript

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Hi there, Anne Marie Lusby here with and today we will be looking at the best tools, toys and tips around to help kids aged 5-7 develop language and reading skills.

Vtech "V.Reader" Offers Interactive Reading for Kids 5-7

The most illustrious toy company that provides both education and play in their toys is Vtech. Vtech makes a wealth of toys and products -- all geared toward learning. One of the best products Vtech offers is the "V.Reader" interactive e-reading system.

The V.Reader makes reading for 5-7 year olds a fun experience by incorporating animated stories with reading skill games. They have been known to improve vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.

The V.Reader suits children aged 5-7 so well because they are able to play and engage while they read. V.Reader features include a 3.5" color touch screen, fully animated stories with story narration, reading games, and story dictionary. The V.Reader also has a photo viewer, video player and art & writing programs.

"Nitro Junior Notebook" Is a Good Reading Toy for Kids 5-7

Another wonderful product for 5-7 year olds is the "Nitro Junior Notebook." With over 40 different educational activities with difficulty adjustments, it is accommodating to different learning needs.The Nitro Junior Notebook will not only help little minds with reading and language but will also help in the areas of math and science.

Leapfrog Makes Good Reading Toys for Kids 5-7

Another great reading tool for 5-7 year olds is the “Leapster” book. Made by another big player in the educational toy market, LeapFrog, these interactive books inspire children to read with animations and voices while giving them a full story telling experience. Ranging from $14-25, these books are an affordable way to keep a child engaged, entertained, and help them develop a lifelong love of learning.

"Scribble and Write” is another tool made by LeapFrog that assists children with reading and writing. This handheld product motivates your children to write by first teaching them to trace shapes on its screen -- guiding them with lights -- and eventually moves them to upper and lower-case letters. This tool helps with letter recognition and strengthens pen skills.

"Leap 2 Reading" Series a Good Reading Toy for Kids 5-7

Leapster's "Leap 2 Reading" series is another great way to motivate children to become avid readers. There are numerous books in the series including stories based on characters from DisneyPixar animated films and classic children's television shows, like Scooby-Doo.

The books aim to develop reasoning, expand vocabulary, strengthen reading and comprehension, and stimulate logic. You can find the series of Leap 2 Reading books in online stores such as

Tips for Buying Reading Toys for Kids 5-7

One of the best ways to get children interested in reading is by reading to them. Putting aside 20 minutes to read your child a story or reading one with them is the best way to put them on the road to success -- both personally and academically.

Reading to your child not only stimulates their brain to develop language and improve vocabulary, but will also strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

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