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Video:Disney's World of Color

with Arthur Levine

Dazzling lights, soaring fountains, and stirring animated scenes from Disney and Pixar animated films combine to form a stunning tapestry of color and spectacle in the Disney California Adventure nighttime show, World of Color.See Transcript

Transcript:Disney's World of Color

By day, Paradise Pier is filled with the sounds of screaming roller coaster riders and the sights of a classic Victorian seaside amusement park. By night, however, Paradise Bay becomes a reflecting pool of dazzling lights, soaring fountains, and stirring animated scenes from Disney and Pixar animated films.

Hi, I'm Arthur Levine, Theme Parks Guide at, here at Disney's California Adventure for the premiere of the nighttime spectacular, World of Color.

What Is the World of Color?

The world my be a carousel of color, but there was a time not all that long ago when the world was broadcast in glorious black and white on television. Starting in 1961, those fortunate enough to own a color TV could watch Tinker Bell spray splashes of colorful pixie dust at the start of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. The program heralded the emergence of color television technology and helped forever change the entertainment medium.

Similarly, World of Color (whose name is inspired by the iconic TV program and whose soundtrack includes its theme song) takes the concept of a monochromatic dancing fountains show, infuses it with dazzling color, overlays colorful animated scenes, and creates a production that trumpets new technology and heralds a new era in nighttime spectacular shows.

Sayre Wiseman, Walt Disney Imagineering talks about World of Color technology.
Like all great attractions, the technology largely fades into the background, and the story takes center stage (although the wow factor is ever-present). World of Color doesn't tell a linear story. It's more a hodgepodge of classic scenes loosely grouped around broad themes such as love, friendship, and danger--and all showcasing a luminous palette of colors.

World of Color is more than a series of clips projected onto a water screen. By cleverly incorporating the fountains, lights, lasers, and other show elements, the presentation is a dazzling tapestry of color and spectacle. If you want to see the popular World of Color in the special viewing area, be sure to get Fastpasses early on the day of your visit or purchase a dinner/show package in advance that includes reserved viewing. Go to the Theme Parks site at for more World of Color info.

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