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Video:Top 5 Disneyland Rides

with Arthur Levine

Disneyland is filled with thrilling rides, many of which include fun interactive elements. Watch this video to learn the top 5 rides at Disneyland.See Transcript

Transcript:Top 5 Disneyland Rides

Hi, I'm Arthur Levine, the Theme Parks Guide at With so many great attractions at Disneyland Park, it can be tough to come up with a list of the top 5. But we are going to do just that.

Star Tours Is a Top Disneyland Ride

A pioneering attraction, Star Tours was the first major motion simulation ride at a theme park. It moves passengers in sync with filmed action on a screen to send them on an expedition to a galaxy far, far away. A 2011 makeover added a high-definition projection system and the latest 3D technology to deliver remarkably crisp and detailed imagery and an even more immersive experience. The real breakthrough, however, is a highly sophisticated random sequence generator that stitches together a series of scenes to create over 50 different possible stories. There are a lot of galaxies to visit, and two rides are rarely the same.

Submarine Voyage Is a Top Disneyland Ride

Dating back to 1959, the Submarine Voyage is one of Disneyland's classic rides. When it was decommissioned in 1998, it left an actual and figurative void at the park. A 2007 rebirth, however, added the charming characters from Pixar's "Finding Nemo." It not only brought back the magic of an underwater journey, it also incorporated some advanced, yet seamless technology to tell an engaging story to a whole new generation.

Indiana Jones Adventure Is a Top Disneyland Ride

Using an inspired Imagineering innovation, the Enhanced Motion Vehicle, this E-ticket ride Indiana Jones Adventure moves guests through elaborate sets filled with great animatronics, dazzling effects, and high thrills. Watch out for the rolling boulder!

Haunted Mansion Is a Top Disneyland Ride

Everything about the Haunted Mansion, from its stately yet ominous building, its grim, pun-filled cast members who admonish guests to "fill in all of the dead space," its "stretching room" preshow, its Ghost Host who bids a booming "Welcome, foolish mortals," and the 999 ghosts who lurk within, is note-perfect. The timeless attraction also features some great special effects and a catchy theme song. Each year during the Halloween and Christmas seasons, the ride gets a "Nightmare Before Christmas" overlay and becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Pirates of the Caribbean Is a Top Disneyland Ride

Perhaps the single most admired ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean. When it first opened in 1967 and debuted its impressive collection of yo-hoing buccaneers, the landmark Imagineering achievement was an instant success. It, of course, inspired a series of wildly popular movies, which in turn inspired tweaks to the ride. Look for Captain Jack Sparrow on the high seas, mateys.

Were your favorites among the top 5 countdown? You can see full reviews of these and other Disneyland attractions at's Theme Parks site.

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