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Video:Profile of Splash Mountain

with Arthur Levine

Splash Mountain is one of Magic Kingdom's most popular rides, and attracts countless visitors each year. Learn more about the twists and turns of Splash Mountain in this video profile from Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Splash Mountain

Many parks have log flume rides. But by incorporating elaborate scenes with animatronic characters, great music, and other elements, Disney has created one of its all-time classic attractions. Sure, there's the thrill of a big drop, but the charming story will have you humming"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" long after you've screamed in your plummeting log. Hi, I'm Arthur Levine,'s Theme Parks Guide here at Disney World's Magic Kingdom for a ride aboard Splash Mountain.

Tips for When to Visit Splash Mountain

Set amid the banjo-picking Old West of Frontierland, the red-rocked attraction punctures the park's skyline along with the other rides that form the Magic Kingdom's mountain range. Since its debut, the E-Ticket attraction has been a park highlight and one of the most popular Disney World rides. Consider getting a Fastpass or plan to arrive early or late in the day; otherwise you may end up waiting a long time to hop into one of the hollowed-out logs. The ride features Br'er Rabbit and his forest palsfrom the 1946 animated film, "Song of the South."

Theming a Fun Part of Splash Mountain

Here to tell us a little bit more about Splash Mountain is Deb Wills. Deb: I think Splash Mountain is one of the top 3 quintessential rides or attractions that Disney has ever produced. It has everything you want in an attraction. From the lead up to the queue, you also get great theming. Each of the scenes is unique unto itself yet blends together, transitions perfectly. There's special effects. There's about 68 animatronic characters in Splash Mountain. And you have multiples of Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear doing all kinds of things to delight as you ride through.

Beginning of the Splash Mountain Ride

After climbing high into the mountain (and you know that old saying about what goes up...), we join Br'er Rabbit as he's leaving on ajourney to find his laughing place. But Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear conspire to, well, outfox him.The bright, cheery scenes, filled with talking and singing characters and nonstop action, showcase Disney storytelling at its best. The good cheer is tempered, however, by the ominous threat of the drop that could be around any bend.

End of the Splash Mountain Ride

Splash Mountain capitalizes on the fear factor by building in some fake-out mini-drops. They serve to heighten the mounting tension and put riders on hyperalert.When the logs finally do soar down the falls, soggy passengers inevitably break into huge grins and find their own laughing places. But the big drop is not the big finale. After re-entering the mountain, riders are treated to a rousing chorus of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" by a cavalcade of characters. My, oh my, what a wonderful ride. And a wet one. Read more about Disney World at's Theme Parks site.

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