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Video:Profile of Disney Star Tours

with Arthur Levine

Disney Star Tours was recently renovated and is a highlight of Disneyland. Watch this video to learn more about what to expect when on the Disney Star Tours ride.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Disney Star Tours

Hi! I'm Arthur Levine, the Theme Parks Guide at here at Disneyland. Do you want to journey to a galaxy far, far away? You can aboard Star Tours -- The Adventures Continue. Let's take a ride to -- well, who knows where? Half the fun of Star Tours is that you never know where you'll be blasting off to.

Background of Disney Star Tours

The original Star Tours, which debuted in 1987 at Disneyland, was the first major motion simulation attraction at a theme park, and it heralded a new era for rides and storytelling. Using seats that move in tandem with filmed action on a screen, ride designers can take audiences anywhere.

In 2011, Disney upped its own ante by retooling the ride and adding the latest-generation 3-D, ultra-crisp imagery, and a super high-definition digital projection system. Its most impressive coup, however, is a random sequence generator that slices together destinations, transitions, different characters, and other scenes on the fly. There are over 50 possible story combinations.

Disney Star Tours With an Imagineer

I got to experience the attraction with Imagineer Steve Spiegel, the attraction's show writer. Arthur: Let's take a ride and see where we’re going to end up today. Imagineer Steve Spiegel: You never know where the force is going to take you. Let's see. Arthur: It's so much clearer. Steve: Oh yes, it's fantastic. The dimension with the 3-D and just the detail in every frame. Even I find new things I haven't seen. Steve: I think you're the rebel spy. Arthur: I've been called worse. Admiral Akbar: Good luck and may the Force be with you. Steve: And again, I have no idea where we are going. Arthur: You have no idea where we're going ... and you wrote the script!

Places to Visit on Disney Star Tours

With so many variations, Star Tours remains fresh and re-rideable every time you visit the park. Among the places you might travel to are Coruscant, Naboo, or the ominous Death Star. You and your cabin mates might encounter characters such as Yoda, Princess Leia, or supreme baddie Darth Vader. Star Tours is an incredible ride. In fact, I rate it among the best park attractions. You can read my full review and my rundown of the best rides on my Theme Parks site at

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