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Video:Profile of Disney Cars Land

with Arthur Levine

Disney Cars Land is an exciting new part of the Disney California Adventure theme park. Watch this video to learn more about the fun rides and park attractions at Disney Cars Land.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Disney Cars Land

Hi everybody, I'm Arthur Levine, the Theme Parks Guide at, here at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. Wow check this out, Disney and Pixar have brought Radiator Springs to life. You've got to see this for yourself. Hey is that Mater? He's probably off to make some new friends at his Junkyard Jamboree.  In fact, lets take a road trip and see all that's in store for you when you visit Cars Land.

Sites to See in Disney Cars Land

The story and characters from the Pixar film, Cars, come alive as guests amble onto the fabled Route 66. Amid the neon-infused haze of 1960s nostalgia are scenes that'll have you thinking, "Hey! I remember that." There's Ramone's House of Body Art. And there's Flo’s V-8 Café where human guests can fill-er-up with a modern take on comfort food. The Cozy Cone Motel is actually a collection of wigwam-style food stands that offer cone-themed delights such as flavored "popcone" and "chili cone queso."

Buck-toothed Mater presides over his Junkyard Jamboree, a cute whip-like ride that do-see-dos passengers aboard tractor-pulled carts for a crazy square dance. Climb aboard a giant Fettucini blackwall and pilot it on a cushion of air at Luigi's Flying Tires. At the far end of Route 66, the majestic Ornament Valley mountain range beckons. The grand-scale rockwork is exquisite.

Radiator Springs Is in Disney Cars Land

Within its caverns is the highlight of Cars Land, Radiator Springs Racers. The e-Ticket attraction is a real hoot. It uses slot-car style vehicles to transport guests to the automobile-inhabited town and on to a grand finale race against another carload of passengers. I had a chance to take a ride with Steve Goddard, a Disney Imagineer who helped design the attraction.

AL: I'm here with Steve Goddard, one of the imagineers who designed Radiator Springs Racers. We're going to take a  ride on Radiator Springs Racers and Steve's going to point out some of the highlights. You ready, Steve?

SG: Yes I am. We're starting off with some scenic vistas. We're going through the great Southwest: the red rocks, the waterfalls. AL: There's the waterfall. SG: It's an "Aha" moment. At this point, we're just taking it all in. Now, we're about to drop into the town of Radiator Springs and that's where we meet all of our friends from the movie. AL: The animation is incredible. I can’t believe the articulation of the mouths.

Rides in Radiator Springs in Disney Cars Land

This is where the pace picks up considerably. It's a race to the finish with high-speed turns, curves banked as high as 45 degrees, camelback hills that propels riders out of their seats, and fog filled tunnels. The attraction is a great blend of grand storytelling and adrenaline-pumping thrills. Get your kicks and then some along Route 66 in Cars Land. Read more about Disney California Adventure's wonderfully whimsical place at's Travel channel.

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