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Video:Holiday Attractions at Disney California Adventure

with Arthur Levine

Holiday attractions at Disney California Adventure make the park a great place to spend the winter holidays. Watch this video to learn more about holiday attractions at Disney California Adventure.See Transcript

Transcript:Holiday Attractions at Disney California Adventure

Hi, I'm Arthur Levine the Theme Parks Guide at It's the holiday season at Disney California Adventure. Let's see how the park celebrates this magical time of year.

Holiday Attractions on Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street, at the front of the park, is designed to evoke a bustling 1920s-era Los Angeles boulevard. Its shops are decked out in hundreds of lights and period decorations. Just as they did decades ago, children and their families flock to the downtown department store, which on Buena Vista Street is Elias and Company, to meet Santa Claus and present him with their wish lists.

More Holiday Attractions at Disney California Adventure

A troupe of bell ringers perform carols and seasonal songs and welcome guests to sing along. At the end of the street, in the park's Carthay Circle, an enormous Christmas tree heralds the holidays. Elsewhere in the park, glittering lights and decorations adorn the buildings and streets.

Holiday Attractions in Cars Land

Cars Land, the home of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and their talking car pals, is especially festive. It turns out that the engaging automobiles really get into the spirit of the season. Befitting the people, er, cars, who call Radiator Springs home, each of the businesses that line Route 66 heading into the town has a distinctive look for the holidays. Fillmore's Taste-In goes for a groovy getup. The Cozy Cone Motel and Flo's V8 Café remain retro for the season. And Luigi's Casa della Tires brings a bit of European flair to his shop at Christmas time. Making spirits bright happens at the park throughout the year. During the holidays, it's even merrier.

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