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Video:Disneyland Rides for Wimps

with Arthur Levine

Disneyland can be fun even if you don't like thrill rides. Watch this About.com to learn about Disneyland rides for wimps.See Transcript

Transcript:Disneyland Rides for Wimps

Hi, I'm Arthur Levine, the Theme Parks Guide at About.com. Are you a wimp? Please don't take offense. I'm sure that you are brave in many aspects of your life. But when it comes to theme parks, does the mere sight of logs plummeting down Splash Mountain make you break out in a cold sweat? Have no fear -- well, have a bit of fear. Let's take a look at how to enjoy Disneyland if you are a wimp.

What to Fear in Disneyland's Rides

Those screams you hear from passengers are one of the ways that humans respond to situations in which they perceive danger -- even if it is simulated on a completely safe ride. But extreme fear can overwhelm park wimps. Elements such as height, acceleration, speed, and darkness can trigger different fear reactions in people. A major contributing factor is fear of the unknown. Simply knowing what is about to happen may help calm the nerves of the wimpish.

For example, did you know that the drop on Splash Mountain is about 50 feet tall and 40 miles per hour? That may be enough to give you the willies, but it's not really all that high or fast compared to other thrill rides. And it is over in a matter of seconds. Do you really want to miss the other nine wonderful minutes of one of Disneyland's best rides because of its drop? Only you could answer that, but at least you could make an informed decision.

Roller Coaster Disneyland Rides for Wimps

Roller coasters probably cause more agita for wimps than any other theme park rides. The legendary indoor coaster, Space Mountain, combines the quadruple whammy of speed, height, darkness, and fear of the unkown. But here is something you should know: The ride reaches a relatively wimpy top speed of 32 miles per hour. I dare you to try driving that slowly in a car. There are coasters that go much faster. Still, the darkness makes Space Mountain seem zippier.

Disneyland's other coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad chugs along at an even slower pace, 28 miles per hour -- and it is outdoors and filled with light. Like Space Mountain, it doesn't include any big drops or inversions. But it is a fairly long ride and does include some banked curves.

Easier Disneyland Rides for Wimps

If you think Disneyland's big three thrill rides are too much for you, you might want to give Gadget's Go Coaster a whirl. It only reaches 22 miles per hour, climbs a mere 28 feet, delivers moderate G-forces, and is over in 44 seconds. If you've never ridden a coaster, or haven't been on one in awhile, Gadget's Go Coaster could be a good test for you. Who knows? Depending on how you handle it, you might muster up enough courage to try more thrilling rides.

The Indiana Jones Adventure is not a coaster. But its vehicles do go moderately fast and can get a bit wild. Some scenes are dark and feature psychological thrills. Indy may test your mettle, depending on your wimp threshold level. The motion simulator ride, Star Tours - The Adventures Continue pretends to blast you off into space, but its cabin never actually moves more than a few inches in any direction. Most wimps should -- and I emphasize SHOULD -- be OK on it.

Additional Disneyland Rides for Wimps

One of the gentlest rides at Disneyland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, could nevertheless raise your anxiety if you are claustrophobic. The subs are quite cozy. There are two mild drops on Pirates of the Caribbean, but virtually all wimps should be just fine. It is one of Disney's all-time classic rides. So ride it. Haunted Mansion, despite its name, is actually more silly than scary. Some scenes are dark, and there are a few hidden gotchas. But it is another classic ride that you wouldn't want to miss. Chances are, you'll be able to brave at least some of the rides we covered. And the park has many more rides, shows, and fun things to do that wouldn't upset you wimps in the least.

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