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Video:5 Best Kids Rides at Disney World

with Arthur Levine

Kids rides at Disney World can be just as fun as the roller coasters and will delight your little ones. Here are the 5 best kids rides at Disney World.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Kids Rides at Disney World

Disney World brings out the child in all of us. Andall of the attractions are designed for kids andadults to enjoy together. But some of the morethrilling rides have height restrictionsand aren't intended for small fry, while others are geared especially for them. Hi, I'm Arthur Levine, the Theme Parks Guide at About.com. Let's look at the five best rides for younger children at Disney World.

 Fantasyland Has Many Kids Rides at Disney World 

There are loads of rides that kids adore at all four of Disney World's parks. Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, which is the heart and soul of the entire resort, is perhaps the favorite spot for little princesses and pirates. So, it's no surprise that it is the home for some of their best-loved rides. To find out which rides make the cut, we turn to the experts.

 It's a Small World Is a Popular Kids Ride at Disney World 

What's your favorite ride? Child: It's a Small World after all! Arthur: "Small" is a relative term. It may indeed be asmall world after all, but since it debuted at the 1964 New York World's Fair, about a gazillion people have boarded it's a small world -- and subsequently tried in vain to get the theme song out of their brains. The never-ending tune accompanies a series of rooms and tableaus, each depicting dolls from different nations and cultures, singing along in their native languages and bopping to the song.

 Peter Pan Is a Fun Kids Ride at Disney World 

Arthur: What's your favorite ride? Child: Peter Pan, because it feels like you're flying and it's really fun. Arthur: One of the original attractions that opened when Disneyland debuted in 1955, Peter Pan sends guests off to Never Land in airborne pirate ships. You can fly, you can fly as you join Peter and the Darling children to face the evil Captain Hook. The charming ride includes a delightful moonlit scene high above London.

 Dumbo Is a Flying Kids Ride at Disney World 

Arthur: What's your favorite ride? Child: Dumbo, because it goes around. Arthur: Dumbo the Flying Elephant is perhaps thesingle best ride at Disney World for young children. Although it is a simple spinning ride, similar to ones that can be found at parks and carnivals everywhere (except the gorgeous Disney attraction looks like a Renaissance machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci), there is something magical and affirming about taking a spin aboard Dumbo. No visit to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a ride on the timeless attraction.

 Epcot Also Has Fun Kids Rides at Disney World 

With its focus on technology, the future, and the cultures of many countries, you might not think that Epcot would be the place to find some of the best rides for little kids. But The Seas with Nemo and Friends offers two of what I believe to be the best.   

The Nemo Ride Is a Fascinating Kids Ride at Disney World   

The Nemo ride takes guests aboard "clamobiles" into an amazing world where the animated fish and his pals swim alongside actual fish in the pavilion's enormous aquarium. It's a fairly astonishing, yet seamless effect that has adults scratching their heads while kids simply adore the whimsical story.

  Turtle Talk Is an Interactive Kids Ride at Disney World  

Likewise, adults are really baffled when the animated surfer dude from "Finding Nemo" interacts in real time with audience members in the Turtle Talk with Crush show. The incredible feat of technology is completely invisible to small children who are enthralled as they chat with the righteous reptile. Let's go into the theatre and see what Crush is up to today.

  Talk to Crush as a Kids Ride at Disney World  

Arthur: Crush it seems that you really enjoy talking with humans, but we wanted to let you know how much humans enjoy talking and meeting with you. Especially little ones. Crush: Oh dude, the little ones are awesome! Arthur: They are awesome. I wanted to ask you what's someof the interesting things that you've learned about humans? Crush: Oh dude my favorite thing about humans dudes is that they're actually a lot like turtles. Especially the little dudes. They love to play games, hang out with each other, and learn the waysof the world from the parental units.

  Crush Can Answer Questions in this Kids Ride at Disney World  

Arthur: What are some things that you'd like to learn about humans? Crush: Well dude, I've been around for a while. I'm 150 years old and still young! So I'm always looking for new ways to spend my time. You know surfing only takes up so much of the day. Sometimes I'lllearn new games from the little human dudes. You know like hide and go seek and what not. They're pretty cool. Kids always have the answers bro. Arthur: Well that sounds like great advice. I really enjoyed talking with you today Crush, thank you. Crush: Right back at you dude!

Arthur: Those are my picks for the top five rides for younger kids, what are yours? To learn more about Disney World, visit us online at About.com.

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