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Video:Quick Tip: Perfect the Toss for a Basic Serve

with Jeff Cooper

Perfecting your toss makes the basic serve in tennis vastly easier to hit. Watch this how-to video from About.com to learn the most reliable technique.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Perfect the Toss for a Basic Serve

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper for About.com, here to show you perfect your toss on the serve.

Information About Tossing for a Basic Serve

The ideal toss would go right to your point of contact, but to toss exactly that high every time would be really difficult, so it's better to toss about a foot higher, then the ball will drop to that point.

Instructions for Tossing the Tennis Ball

The easiest way to toss is to hold the ball on your fingertips. Start it and the racquet together in front of the centerline of your body. As your racquet starts going back, your ball starts going up, and you try to make the ball go on a straight line from here to your point of contact, and the way to do that is to let your arm bend just a little bit as your arm is going up; otherwise, with a perfectly straight arm, you'd be making a circular path, not a straight path. Also remember to reach up after your toss when you let the ball go.

Practicing the Perfect the Toss for a Tennis Serve

A good way to practice your toss is to put the racquet on the ground so that it extends from your toe toward the right net post. What you're going to want to try to do is, while you're doing your normal wind-up, toss the ball up to your normal point of contact, and get it to come down on the throat or the head of the racquet.

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