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Video:How to Hit an Underhand Sidespin Serve

with Jeff Cooper

Learn how to hit an underhand sidespin serve that pulls your opponent completely off the court by watching this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit an Underhand Sidespin Serve

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper for, here to help you learn how to hit an underhand sidespin serve.

What Is a Sidespin Serve?

A good underhand sidespin serve makes the ball curve to the right, visibly in the air, then quite dramatically on the bounce.

Why Do a Sidespin Serve?

It can pull your opponent wide beyond the doubles alley on the ad side or behind his or her partner in doubles on the deuce side, and it can jam your opponent on either side. An underhand sidespin serve always has some backspin, which helps to accentuate the sideward bounce by decreasing the forward component of the bounce angle.

You get a mixture of sidespin and backspin by striking the ball from right to left and downward and forward.

Instructions for Hitting an Underhand Sidespin Serve

Use a normal service stance. A Continental grip will probably work best, but you can move toward the Eastern backhand for more spin or toward the Eastern forehand for more impact. Start the tossing motion around waist high. Lift the ball only a couple of inches before it drops toward a point around three feet to your right on the baseline.

The wind-up consists of just bringing the racquet behind and above your head with only enough elbow bend to feel comfortable. Swing down, forward, and right-to-left. Meet the ball around a foot above the ground, two feet to your right, and directly above the baseline.

Follow through over your left shoulder.

Here's an underhand sidepspin serve.

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