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Video:How to Hit a Slice Forehand Approach Shot

with Jeff Cooper

A slice forehand approach shot is often the easiest way to attack a short ball and set yourself up for an easy volley. Watch this video to learn one of more underutilized shots in tennis.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit a Slice Forehand Approach Shot

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper for, here to help you learn how to hit a slice forehand approach shot.

What Is a Slice in Tennis?

Slice, or backspin, is commonly used on one-handed backhands, but much less so on forehands, because the topspin forehand is relatively easy to hit and often a powerful weapon.

On many short balls, though, a slice forehand is the easiest shot to hit, and it makes an excellent approach shot, because the ball skids low on the opponent's court.

A low, skidding approach shot can force your opponent to hit you a ball that's rising as it crosses the net, giving you an easy, high volley.

Instructions for Hitting a Slice Forehand Approach Shot

To hit slice, you brush down the back of the ball, from high to low. An Eastern forehand grip gives most players the firmest, most comfortable slice. Some do well with a Continental grip, but most find a Semi-Western uncomfortable and a Western extremely uncomfortable.

Start the racquet around shoulder high, swing mostly forward, but also downward, with your racquet face somewhat open.

Tips for Hitting a Slice Forehand Approach Shot

It helps to be somewhat sideways when you hit a slice forehand, but it's not as important as on a slice backhand, and you don't need a carioca step or skip step. Just try to turn partially sideways and move forward smoothly as you hit the slice.

You should usually hit approach shots down the line, because you'll be in a better position for the volley, in the middle of the range of angles your opponent might hit.

Here's a slice forehand approach shot.

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