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Video:How to Hit a Slice Backhand Approach Shot

with Jeff Cooper

A slice backhand approach shot is a great way to set yourself up for an easy volley. This video from will help you perfect your form on a slice backhand approach shot.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit a Slice Backhand Approach Shot

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper for, here to help you learn how to hit a slice backhand approach shot.

Why You Should Hit a Slice Backhand Approach Shot

One of the keys to success at attacking the net is an approach shot that sets you up for an easy volley. Hitting backspin, using a slice backhand, makes the ball hit your opponent's court at a more gradual angle so that it stays lower when it bounces.

A low bounce can enhance an approach shot by making it more difficult for your opponent to get under the ball enough to hit topspin back at you.

Instead, your opponent is likely to hit a rising ball that gives you a higher, easier volley.

Proper Stroke for Backhand Slice

To hit slice, you brush down the back of the ball, from high to low.

You can use whichever grip, from Continental through Full Eastern, that you find most comfortable.

Start the racquet around shoulder high, swing mostly forward, but also downward, with your racquet face somewhat open.

Proper Footwork for Backhand Slice Approach

A slice backhand is best hit while you're sideways, and for most approach shots, you'll be moving forward, so you need footwork that lets you move forward while sideways.

The two best options are a carioca step and a skip step.

Here's a slice backhand approach with a carioca step.

Here's one with a skip step.

Whichever footwork you use, try to glide smoothly through the approach shot so that you have better balance and control.

Where to Place Your Shot

You should usually hit approach shots down the line, because you'll be in a better position for the volley, in the middle of the range of angles your opponent might hit.

For more on slices, attacking the net, and everything else in tennis, visit

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