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Video:How to Hit a Backhand Drop Shot

with Jeff Cooper

A backhand drop shot in tennis makes a perfect complement to a slice drive, as the preparation is the same. Watch this video to learn this delicate shot.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit a Backhand Drop Shot

Hi, I'm Jeff Cooper for, here to help you learn how to hit a backhand drop shot.

What Is a Drop Shot?

A drop lands very short in your opponent's court and then stays very short because of its backspin.

A good drop shot will either be an outright winner or will force your opponent to hit a weak reply that sets you up to hit an easy passing shot or lob.

Hitting a Backhand Drop Shot

It's possible to hit a backhand drop shot with two hands, but most players find one hand much easier.

To hit a backhand drop shot, you can use whichever grip, from Continental through Full Eastern, that you find most comfortable.

Instructions for Hitting a Backhand Drop Shot

Start the racquet around shoulder high, and use a relatively short, forward and downward swing, with your racquet face somewhat open, to brush down the back of the ball. Bend down at the knees as part of your swing's downward motion.

Try to hit the ball around two feet over the net. If your ball ends up lower than expected, but still over, that's great, but aiming lower is too risky. A high drop shot gives your opponent too much time to get to the ball.

The height of your drop shot is governed by the angle of your stringbed and the downward angle of your swing.

A good drop shot should bounce three or more times before your opponent's service line. A low one with two bounces is often a winner too.

To make your drop shot land shorter, try to hit the ball so that it's already falling as it goes over the net. The closer you are to the net when you hit a drop shot, the easier it is to hit a good one.

Here's a backhand drop shot.

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