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Video:How to Make Hammered Hoop Earrings

with Rachel Bitan

Get a unique and stylish look with DIY hammered hoop earrings. You'll be the only one rocking these earrings, custom-made by you!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Hammered Hoop Earrings

Hi! I'm Rachel Bitan with Reservoir 4 Jewelry for About.com. Today I'm going to show you how to make a hammered hoop earring out of sterling silver.

Supplies Needed to Make Hoop Earrings

For this project, you're going to need sterling silver wire, approximately fourteen inches of 12 gauge sterling silver wire. You're also going to need a few hammers, files, needle nose pliers, and round nose pliers. You'll need sandpaper (wet and dry sandpaper), a form to shape your hoop earring, a nice hard surface, and if you have one, a gauge - a wire gauge.

File the Hoop Wire

The first step is, you're going to take your fourteen inches of wire, cut it in half into two seven-inch lengths. After that, you're going to form this seven inches of wire - you're going to taper it - sort of like a toothpick. It's really important, once you've formed it, to make sure one end - about an inch and a half - is really thin, because that's the part that's going to go through your ear. If you have access to a jewelry studio, you can do this really easily on a rolling mill, really just taper this length. But if you don't have a rolling mill, that's fine - just use your file.

Sand the Hoop Earrings

After you've filed this down sufficiently, the next thing to do is to sand it so it's nice and smooth. So once that's done, you're going to form your beautiful toothpick into a circle on your mandrel. You can use your rawhide mallet - this is a nice mallet - it won't mar the surface of your metal. And that just helps you form your wire into a circle. So, next you're going to take your hammer, and hammer - focusing on the center of the circle - not on the ends, on the center. Okay - I'm going to flip it over and work on the other side.

Hammer the Hoop Earrings

Once you've hammered your hoop and you're happy with how it looks, next you're going to have to form the circle for the clasp, and that little angle that'll hook into the circle. First, I'm going to use my needle nose pliers and bend a right angle into the wire. Next, I'm going to take my round nose pliers and try to form the nicest circle that I can. When I'm happy with my circle, the last step will be to put a nice, acute angle - approximately a 45 degree angle - into the end of the wire. And there it is!

So, there they are: a nice pair of hammered hoop earrings ready to be worn. Thanks for watching! For more, visit us on the Web at style.about.com.
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