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Video:Winter Style: Clothing Tips for Cold Weather

with Jazmin Whitley

Do you find it impossible to dress cool without getting cold? Stay warm and well-dressed at the same time with these tips on fabric, layering, and color.See Transcript

Transcript:Winter Style: Clothing Tips for Cold Weather

Hi! I'm Jazmin Whitley, designer of the Li Cari label here on to give you a few tips on staying stylish in the cold weather.

Keep Your Head Covered

Most of your body heat escapes from your head. So, wearing a hat will make a huge difference. It will keep you warm and looking fabulous at the same time.

Fabrics for Cool Weather

Tweed and wool are two fabrics that provide warmth, while still looking fashionable. You can usually tell which fabrics would be warmer by the weight and texture - warmer fabrics are generally heavier, thicker, and not as soft as cooler fabrics.

Try to Layer Your Look

The key to layering clothing items without looking too frumpy is using color and bulk to your advantage.

Add Color to Your Outfit

Wearing all one color, even in different shades, or wearing black, winter white or gray with a color that pops, provides a slimmer look rather than wearing several different colors all at once.

Accessorize for Cold Weather

Accessories are an important part of layering. Wearing gloves, boots and a scarf gives you a stylish and complete look.

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