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Video:How to Choose a Party Dress by Body Type

with Jazmin Whitley

Long and lean, or full and curvy, there's a party dress out there for you. Follow Jazmin's tips to find the right dress for your body type.See Transcript

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Transcript:How to Choose a Party Dress by Body Type

Anywhere from an office party to New Year's Eve, you can look your best by choosing a dress that flatters your body type.

Hi! I'm Jazmin Whitley, designer of the Li Cari Label for About.com. I'm here to help you choose the perfect dress for the upcoming holiday season.

Different Body Types to Dress

Here are three different body types: Amanda - long and lean, Tia - curvy, and Khristynne - smaller on the top and curvy on the bottom.

Dresses for Long and Lean Bodies

Since Amanda's long and lean, when choosing a dress, she should pick something that accentuates her waistline giving her the illusion of a more curvy silhouette. I picked this dress out for Amanda because the waistband and the A-line cut with the pleats give her the illusion of a more curvy figure.

Dresses for Curvy Bodies

When Tia's shopping for a party dress, she should go with something that has an Empire waist giving her a long, lean look, and flatters her curvy figure. She should also choose fabrics that are flowy and less fitted to the body. I selected this dress for Tia because the Empire waist and the flowing fabrics flatter her figure.

Dresses for Pear Body Types

When Khristynnne's shopping for a party dress, she should pick out something that shows off her small waistline, but still keeps her top and bottom proportioned, giving her a balanced silhouette. I picked this dress out for Khristynne because the cut emphasizes her small waist and the detail on top brings balance to her figure.

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