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Video:What Is a Controlling Parent?

with Patricia O'Laughlin

Learning about controlling parents can help you to know if you are one of them and when to lay off of your child.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a Controlling Parent?

Information About Controlling Parents

There are three things that can define if somebody is a controlling parent.

1) The first thing is that a parent might feel anxious and fearful frequently and this stops them from getting in discussions with their teenager, and puts them in the situation of giving lectures.

2) The second thing is that a controlling parent does try to control a teenager's interior and exterior worlds. They might be too involved in school, or too loud at the sidelines of football games. They might also be trying to protect the teenager from failings, that could hurt, by trying to control who they engage in relationships with, and who their friends are.

3) The third thing is a controlling parent tells the teenager what their experiences are and what consequences to their actions will be, rather than let the teenager figure this out on their own. Teenagers need to make some mistakes, in order to learn.

Facts About Being a Controlling Parent

A controlling parent does their best to stop this from happening. Being a controlling parent is not good. It stops the teenager from experiencing difficult situations and learning that they can handle their situations. These things help them have confidence in themselves now and when they're adults. Anxiety and fear can lead us to be controlling parents. If you're having a hard time stopping, find somebody that can help you. You can be the parent you want to be.
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