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Video:What Happens When You Get a Surface Piercing

with Dannielle DeBonis

A little more hardcore than a lip or nose, surface piercing is not for the faint of heart. But in the hands of a pro, you'll see just how simple and pain-free it can be. See a wrist surface piercing from start to finish.See Transcript

Transcript:What Happens When You Get a Surface Piercing

Hi! I'm Dannielle with Artistic Skin Designs and today we're going to do a surface piercing on a wrist.

Surface Piercing Supplies

Alright, here I have the basic setup ready to go for the piercing - we're doing a surface piercing on the wrist so we have a surface barbell here. We're going to us labret discs for the top, we've got a threaded taper - that just helps me pull the surface staple in - 14-gauge needle to go with the 14-gauge surface staple, a toothpick and the gentian violet for marking, Techni-care surgical scrub, and a little q-tip for cleaning.

Surface Piercing Basics

The most common places for surface piercings I would say are going to be the wrist, the nape - which is the back of the neck - the sternum, seen a lot of people coming in for them on the hips, the lower stomach, and then off to the side with the hips for the most part. On the surface piercings, we usually tell clients up to one year to heal, if at all, just for the simple fact that you do so much with your wrist - it's on a limb, you're going to end up hitting it more, laying on it more, generally, things like that.

Preparing for the Piercing

Alright, so here we go. I'm going to move your hand - move your hand with me. We don't get a ton of movement there so that's fine. I'm just going to clean with the Techni-care surgical scrub - apply pressure for about 30 seconds over the whole area here. I usually just try to use the actual surface staple for marking, mark blue out pretty nicely. Rinse some of that off there. Using the surface staple to mark gets me down as to how far I want to be from one mark to the other, but then I like to generally lighten them up and then go back and darken just a single point, a little bit smaller.

Piercing the Wrist

Just preparing one side there and then I slip the threaded taper into the other side and that just helps me pull the surface staple into place. I generally do a little bit of a tissue massage, and that just helps to get the tissue a little more pliable - it puffs up real nice when it gets kind of relaxed there. Alright, we're going to go through with the piercing here - take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.

Surface Piercing Aftercare

Generally with a surface piercing, spray it with your sea salt, baby it, try not to hit it on anything. Might want to take some ibuprofen or any other kind of anti-inflamatory for the swelling. Okay, we're going to put the other labret disc in place here - get that in place nice and tight there. I generally try to massage the tissue back out so that it starts to relax a little bit more once I bunch it up like that and gotten done with the piercing and it seems to want to stay like that. Clean around the ends there, get rid of any extra blue or anything like that. Alright, you're done, darlin'.

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